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Empowering dyslexic learners to overcome fear and thrive!

About Dyslexia

Gayle Evans, a certified Barton tutor, is driven by her fervent passion to educate dyslexic learners, enabling them to conquer their fears and flourish as they were destined to. After completing a hectic period of homeschooling her own children, she realized, in hindsight, that at least two of them had dyslexia. During that era, dyslexia was not well understood nor adequately supported.

Participating in an introductory seminar by Susan Barton on dyslexia had her captivated and ignited a new life mission. She started as a volunteer tutor at a public charter school in San Jose, assisting dyslexic students through an Orton-Gillingham based intervention.

Over the last 8 years as a Barton tutor, Gayle has helped children aged 6 to 43 overcome dyslexia. Witnessing a student's transformation from apprehensive hesitation to growing confidence and ultimately discovering the pleasure of reading is immensely gratifying and almost miraculous. Gayle's objective is to assist as many dyslexic learners of all ages as she can.

Services provided:
Gayle offers one-on-one tutoring using the tried-and-true Barton Reading & Spelling System, working from her home office, either in person or online.

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