Our Client Testimonials

What People Say About My Dyslexia Tutoring

Please note: every child is different and each testimonial represents the hard work of those students and their support network.

Sandy G. - Roseville, CA

"Our son’s dyslexia was not addressed during his K-12 school experience. Instead, we were told he was avoiding non-preferred tasks and his resistance to school was addressed behaviorally. After 12th grade when he started working with Gayle Evans I knew the Barton program was what he needed, but I was not optimistic that he would attend. I am happy to say I was wrong and can say as a teacher and parent advocate that our son’s experience with Gayle is the perfect example of the truth: Students do well when they get the supports that they need. For the first time in our son’s academic life he independently embraced this learning experience, scheduling and meeting the appointments on his own, even after a full day of other learning opportunities. When he graduated from the program, he asked Gayle for his past work, so he did not lose the growth he had made. This was a huge accomplishment given his other disabilities.
Gayle Evans connected with our son from the start and used the sense of accomplishment he developed with mastery of each lesson to develop his intrinsic motivation. As a teacher I cannot think of a more effective technique to assure student success.
Words cannot express the hope that Gayle gave me as a teacher and as a mom. I whole heartedly recommend Gayle Evans as a Barton tutor. – Sandy G"

The Ritzema Family

"Gayle Evans has been such a wonderful blessing to our family. Our son desperately needed help and Barton Tutoring. On recommendation of a Dyslexic Specialist who had worked with our son, we called Gayle and I am so glad that we did. We began our tutoring sessions right away with her in the Summer months and there was an immediate change in our son. He began to trust that he would get the help he needed to learn to read. His confidence in himself and his ability to learn increased. Gayle Evans is very professional and knowledgable about Dyslexia and The Barton Program. She is very kind and has a beautiful ability to get a child’s attention and help them begin to learn skills necessary to read and write. She works so well with families, she is flexible, she communicates very well, she is always on time and a joy to work with. We are so happy that she is working with our son/family."

Carol Brown & Family

"As a homeschooling family, we came to some bumps in our journey with reading. Searching for answers, we thought we would try Barton curriculum. We found Ms. Evan to be a great solution to our search. My daughter gained self-confidence in the 2 years working with Ms. Evans. It is a beautiful thing, listening to my daughter read!"

Erick and Janelle Dressen

"Gayle has worked with our son for two years and we have been amazed at his progress; he has shown so much improvement and is now reading independently.  She is a patient tutor and always has an encouraging word for him. We are so pleased that we chose her as a tutor and we highly recommend her."

A.J. and Mindy Salvetti

"What an unbelievable gift Gayle has been to our family. She has helped our son regain his confidence, not only in reading but in all activities - sports, playing with friends and interaction with adults. Our son is also back on track for grade-level reading. Gayle is patient, encouraging and committed. We can’t thank her enough for all she had given our son and our family."

Vivian Zeng and family

"My friend recommended Ms. Gayle to me when my daughter Vivian was identified as dyslexic. I'm so glad that she began tutoring Vivian right away. She has a heart for teaching and is knowledgeable, patient, conscientious and kind. Not only does she master and teach the spelling rules, she also explains the history related to the words, which makes them more interesting and meaningful. The rules and technique she taught Vivian over the last one and half years are indeed helpful. I can clearly see that my daughter has learned to use those methods to tackle the words during her everyday reading, which has become much less stressful and definitely more enjoyable.