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Twenty percent of all people are dyslexic. But dyslexia doesn't have to get in the way of achievement.

About Dyslexia

The problem:
Twenty percent of the population is dyslexic, meaning that one in every five school-aged students grapples with learning to read, spell, and write. These otherwise intelligent and often exceptionally gifted children frequently misspell even the most basic words. Despite working harder than most, they are frequently accused of laziness and inattention. By second or third grade, their struggles become more evident, and they are placed in special education programs or other reading resource groups where the pace is slower, but the approach remains the same.

These creative, right-brained learners may develop their own compensatory learning strategies, or they might not. For many of these children, school is a challenging and distressing experience. They feel unintelligent and believe something is wrong with them. Highly motivated, encouraged, and supported children may persevere and achieve some success, but the journey remains relentlessly difficult. Others, misunderstood and unsupported by parents and teachers, give up and become the "problem child," spiraling into delinquency, self-loathing, and general dissatisfaction with life.

How We Work

Dyslexia isn’t outgrown nor does it magically go away. Transitioning into adulthood, obstacles in daily life persist where they must always to compensate for their weaknesses, making it that much harder to establish careers and reach goals.

There is hope though for dyslexic learners of all ages. This intense, focused, one-on-one proven intervention will empower them to overcome the challenges they face and achieve their full learning potential.

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